Imports And Taxes In Ethiopia

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Document Title: Imports And Taxes In Ethiopia

     Imports and taxes in Ethiopia

Unless exempted by law, items imported into Ethiopia are subject to a number of taxes. Government levies five kinds of taxes on import items. These taxes are assigned priority levels and are calculated in a sequential order. These taxes, in their sequential order, are customs duty, excise tax, VAT, surtax and withholding tax. Taxes on imported goods are collected by the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs uthority (ERCA). These taxes provide considerable revenue to the government.
 According to the report issued July 2009 by Planning Directorate of ERCA, these taxes provided revenue of 11.8 billion Birr. Divided into six subheadings, the main purpose of this article is thus to raise awareness among the business community of the different kinds of taxes levied on import items.

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