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To use the above import export data sets :

  1. One needs to know the Harmonized System (HS) Code of the commodity of interest by using the link Search HS Code. In the ‘Goods Description’ part please write the commodity of interest by using different synonym English words. For example instead of writing ‘car’ if one writes ‘vehicle’ and click find, the search will provide the HS Codes.
  2. After obtaining the HS Code, one needs to filter the code from the downloaded import or export data sets.
  3. From the downloaded excel file, CPC refers to the Customs Procedure Code of 7 digits. It is made up of two codes namely the Extended Procedure Code (EPC of 4 digits) and followed by Additional Procedure Code (APC of 3 digits).It shows how the different types of taxes are applied during importation. To know the CPC in brief one can refer to the table below. To calculate the tax of known HS Code and known value (the item of interest and its value), use the link Tax Calculation.
  4. Values in ETB (Ethiopian Birr) are converted to the USD using the annual average rate of the transaction and for the current year the average of the 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 months have been used.
  5. Data for the current year will be updated every two months.

To Download all Customs Procedure Codes (CPC3)detailed information click here here .
Customs Procedure Codes (CPC)
(A) Additional Procedure Codes (APC)
No. CPC3 CPC3_Description Tax_Relief
1 000 Goods for private sector   
2 100 Home produced goods by private sector   
3 101 Home produced boods by Gov't organization  
4 120 Goods in which duty drawback to be claimed  
5 130 Goods under AGOA agreement  -by private sector   
6 131 Goods under AGOA agreement - by public sector   
7 132 Exportation of Wheat Under Ethio-Djibouti Agreement  
8 140 Withdrawal of goods from Export WHS for home consumption  ALL_RELIEF
9 190 Exportation of personal effects and other nes   
10 354 Re-exportation of goods at Importer's other than due to prohib./restri Goods return abroad paying 5% of CIF
11 401 Goods for Gov't budgetary institutions  WHT_RELIEF
12 402 Goods for private sector exempted from with-holding tax  WHT_RELIEF
13 403 Goods for the public Enterpr.which are fully or partia owned by Gov't   
14 404 Medical supplies & equipment for licensed org. with Certificate of …  VAT_SURTAX_FREE
15 405 Raw Materials and inputs imported only for the manufa. of drugs by Pha  VAT&WHT_RELIEF
16 406 Goods donated by external charitable institution in Eth.  WHT_RELIEF
17 407 Relief goods imported by Gov't or NGO ( tax to be paid by DPPC/NGO VAT&WHT_RELIEF
18 408 Donation of personal effects for passengers , returnees and residences  WHT_RELIEF
19 409 Agricultural inputs (Fertilizer,Pestcides & seeds) VAT&WHT_RELIEF
20 410 Goods for public enterprise exempted from withholding tax  WHT_RELIEF
22 412 Raw materials&Imputs imported under 2nd sch. requested to pay WH tax  VAT&WHT_RELIEF
23 413 Relief from duties and taxes only for the Somali Regional Gov't ALL_RELIEF02
24 414 Goods for trade fair, meetings etc  WHT_RELIEF
25 415 Goods under Diplomatic or consular privileges ALL_RELIEF
26 416 Goods for USAID activites or for the projects & programs financed by US  ALL_RELIEF
27 417 Equipment and Supplies for aircrafts engaged in Int'l flights ALL_RELIEF
28 418 Medicament for HIV/AIDS Treatment ALL_RELIEF
29 419 Captal goods for  NGO  ALL_RELIEF
30 420 Human Pharmaceutical,Medical Supply,Lab Chemicals & Equip exempted WHT VAT&WHT_RELIEF
31 421 Relief from duties & taxes under special exemption other than(414-419 ALL_RELIEF
32 422 Personal Effects including Vehicles imported by REFUGEES  ALL_RELIEF
33 423 Personal effects  including vehicles imported by STUDENTS ALL_RELIEF
34 424 Personal effects  including vehicles imported by RETURNEES ALL_RELIEF
35 425 Personal effects including vehicles  imported by ETH.DIPLOMATS ALL_RELIEF
36 426 Personal effects including vehicles imported by INVESTMENT ALL_RELIEF
37 430 Articles and Equipment specialized for use by the disabled or handicap ALL_RELIEF
38 432 Relief from Duties and Taxes for Hide and skins  ALL_RELIEF
39 433 Fire escapes ,Fire fighting appliance & chemicals free from duty/taxes  ALL_RELIEF
40 435 Consumable goods under Border trade procedure   
41 440 Capital goods for INVESTMENT -by private sector ALL_RELIEF
42 441 Capital goods for INVESTMENT -by Public Enterprise ALL_RELIEF
43 442 Transfer of duty free imported goods from investment to another.  ALL_RELIEF
44 443 Goods previously declared under IVESTMENT request to pay tax   
45 444 Petroleum enterprise sale of jet fuel to Eth. Air lines Excise tax relief
46 445 Kerosene sale on HS 27101950 (jet fuel) Excise tax relief
47 450 Sales of Duty free imported goods by government org.  Only pay Customs duty for GOV. sold goods
48 451 sparepart imported for maintenace cash reg. machine..  ALL_RELIEF
49 472 Withdraw of goods from Duty Free shops tax to be paid   
50 473 Goods for Int'l,regional org.& thier foreign personnel (not part of UN ALL_RELIEF
51 476 Goods for Int'l, regional org.& thier foreign personnel (part of UN) ALL_RELIEF
52 477 Withdraw of goods from WHS for sale in Duty Free Shops ALL_RELIEF
53 483 Goods notified and certified but short shipped and short landed  ALL_RELIEF
54 485 project goods re-exported paying cust.Duty & Excise tax based on Deprec VAT&WHT_RELIEF
55 487 Transfer of  used vehicles from duty free entitled body to GOV't org. ALL_RELIEF
56 488 Re-declaring of duty free vehicles & machineries having >=10 or 12yrs serv  ALL_RELIEF
57 489 Goods previously declared under APC 422, 423, 424, 425 & 426 ...duty& tax WHT_RELIEF
58 490 Goods previously declared under Diplomatic & Int'l request to pay duty WHT_RELIEF
59 491 Transfer of goods from previously  D.F entitled body to another. ALL_RELIEF
60 492 Transfer of Temporary Imported goods from one Project to another project .  WHT_RELIEF
61 493 Transfer of Abandoned goods to Abandonded WHs.Write the WHs reciept No  ALL_RELIEF02
62 494 Transfer of Temporary Imported  goods to duty free entitled body ALL_RELIEF02
63 495 Sales of goods following Temporary Importation under voucher Scheme   
64 496 Sales of goods on duty free bases for the same sector follo..voucher scheme  ALL_RELIEF02
65 497 Sales of goods following Temporary Importation under Bonded Manufacturing Scheme (BMW  
64 498 Sales of goods on duty free bases for the same sector foll...under BMW  ALL_RELIEF02
67 499 Non-Statistical Import / Export goods ALL_RELIEF02
68 505 Goods under Voucher Scheme  WHT_RELIEF
69 506 Goods under Bonded Manufacturing Scheme (BMW) WHT_RELIEF
70 507 Goods under Bonded Manufacturing Scheme ALL_RELIEF02
71 508 Goods under Voucher Scheme for AEO's only   
72 701 Goods for private warehouses   
73 702 Goods for  Duty free warehouses   
74 703 Goods for General purpose Warehouses   
75 704 Goods for export manufacturing warehouse  
76 705 finished goods in to warehouse  
77 706 Bonded input supply warehouse  
78 800 Goods in Transit   
(B) Extended Procedure Codes (EPC) To Download all Extended Procedure Codes (EPC4)detailed information click here here .
No. CPC4 CPC4_Description
1 1000 Direct permanent export
2 1040 Exportation After entry for home use
3 1071 Direct Export from Export warehouse
4 2100 Temporary Export for return in unaltered state.
5 2200 Temporary Export for outward processing.
6 3051 Re-export after temporary import
7 3052 Re-export after customs inward processing procedure
8 3071 Re-export after warehousing procedure
9 4000 Direct entry for home use
10 4051 Entry for home use after TI and return in unaltered state.
11 4052 Entry for home use after TI for inward processing
12 4071 Entry for home use after customs warehousing procedure
13 4100 Direct Importation under 2ND SCHEDULE procedure
14 4152 Entry for home after temporary importation for inward processing (2nd)
15 4171 Entry for home after Warehousing under 2nd Schedule
16 4181 Entry for home use (2ND SCHEDULE) After Inward Transit Proc.
17 4200 direct importation under 2-2 schedule
18 4252 Entry for home use after temporary importation for INWARD proces.(2_2)
19 4271 Entry for home use after warehousing (2-2 Sch)
20 4281 Entry for home use (2-2 SPICIAL SCHEDULE) After Inward Transit Proc.
21 4300 Direct Importation under ADDITIONAL_2ND_SCHEDULE procedure
22 4381 Entry For Home Use (ADD. 2ND SCHEDULE) After Inward Transit Proc.
23 5100 Temporary import for return in unaltered state.
24 5181 Temporary Import after Inward Transit.
25 5200 Temporary import for customs inward processing procedure
26 5271 Temporary import for inward processing after entry for customs warehou
27 5281 Temporary import for inward processing after Inward Transit
28 6010 Re-import after direct export
29 6021 Reimport after TE for return in an unaltered state
30 6022 Reimport after TE for customs outward processing
31 6071 Withdrawal of goods for home use from export customs warehouse
32 7100 Direct entry for customs warehousing procedure
33 7171 goods for export manufacturing WH after bonded input supply WH
34 8000 Through Transit
35 8071 Removal in transit after warehousing
36 8100 Inward transit
37 8200 Outward transit
38 8300 Inland transit
39 9071 Other customs procedures after customs warehousing
Note Carefully:
(1) The following is the 4 and 3 digits of CPC used for export trade data in the SQL of Asycuda* tables
SADITM_EXTD_PROC IN (1000,1071,3052
SADITM_NAT_PROC IN (100,101,120,130,131,505,506)  
(2) The following is the 4 and 3 digits of CPC used for import trade data in the SQL of Asycuda tables
SADITM_EXTD_PROC IN (4000,4100,4152,4171,4200,4252,4271,4071,4051,4052,4300
SADITM_NAT_PROC NOT IN (408,415,422,423,424,425,426,430,442,443,450,483,485,487,488,489,490,491,492,494,499)
(3) SADITM_EXTD_PROC and SADITM_NAT_PROC are fields of the 4 and 3 digit CPCs in the Asycuda tables
* Asycuda means Automated System for Customs Data, is the Software used for Customs transaction and is used by about a third of the world's countries.It is developed by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).
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