Ethiopian Customs Guide

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The import and export of goods is an inherently complex under taking, and is often made even more complex  due to the multitude  of rules in place. These complex  rules incombination with traders and others take holders involved in international trade which are not well informed of the rules create uncertainty, risk, and contribute to limited compliance with rules. Ultimately,they increase the cost of trading and harm the investment environment.

The purpose of this customs guide therefore is to provide a dequate information on the customs procedures that are in place in Ethiopia. This is in line with the commitment of the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority(ERCA), the government agency responsible for administering customs in Ethiopia,to ensure transparent,reliable and predictable customs services. One of ERCA’s objectives  is to implement awareness creation  programs top romote  a culture of voluntary compliance in the discharge of obligations,based on the understand ingthatan informed customer  eases customs operations, facilitates trade,and helps achieve  ERCA’s other objectives.

Accordingly,  this guide provides general information about Ethiopia’s customs procedures for internal and external customers, inparticular exporters and importers.It explains, in a comprehensible manner, governing rules and other relevant customs information relating to import, export and transit.

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