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Excise Tax (Ammendment)-Proclamation No-570 [PDF]

Document Title: Excise Tax (Ammendment)-Proclamation No-570 [PDF]

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Excise Tax- Proclamation No.307-2002 [PDF]

Document Title: Excise Tax- Proclamation No.307-2002


WHEREAS, to improve government revenue it has become necessary to impose excise tax payable on selected goods;
WHEREAS, it is believed that this tax should be imposed on luxury goods and basic goods which are demand inelastic;
WHEREAS, it is believed that imposing the tax on goods that are hazardous to health and which are cause to social problems will reduce the consumption thereof;
NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) and (11) of the Constitution, it is hereby proclaimed as follows.



1. Short Title
 This Proclamation may be cited as the "Excise Tax Proclamation No. 307/2002."
2. Definitions
In this Proclamation, unless the context otherwise requires:

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Excise Tax (Amendment)- Proclamation No.610-2008 [PDF]

Document Title: Excise Tax (Amendment)- Proclamation No.610-2008

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Chat Excise Tax - Proclamation No.767-2012 [PDF]

Document Title: Chat Excise Tax - Proclamation No.767-2012

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